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TCP Learning | Our Story
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Our Story

We Create Learning Experiences

Learning Experience Designers
and Developers

Our team creates learning experiences that increase knowledge, build skills and develop the aptitude of your employees, students or your customers. And, we do it by building interactive solutions using all forms of digital media, often integrating with time-honored approaches, that engages the learner and enriches their experience.

Sharing Values

TCP’s work is deeply rooted in the following values:

●       By getting closer to clients through continuous brainstorming and assessment, we design from the inside out.

●       Successful learning campaigns come from integrated systems in which each part completes the whole—not the pileup of fragmented lesson    plans.

●       Our multidisciplinary learning design team and partnerships leverage our collective expertise.

●       The willingness to think, try, test and repeat is the key to delivering learning experiences that resonate.

●       As concepts and technologies evolve, so do our skills and tools. The growth of our organization and the learning industry depend on it.

Examining Vision

Through the careful assessment of our client’s strategic vision and roadblocks to its achievement, we can design a custom learning experience that bridges the gap and helps them realize their future goals. We offer solutions that empower clients to maximize their full potential through learning.

Using Design-Thinking

Design Thinking has always been fundamental to our methodology. It’s not a buzz phrase in our office vernacular or the subject of an article we just read. It was, is and remains directly tied to our evolution as a company.

Working with Evidence

A foundation of evidence is the cornerstone of TCP’s work. In evidence, there is truth. Because of this, we use data and analysis to support the design, development and delivery of optimal learning experience.