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Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise: A Shift From Lifelong Learning

Domain Knowledge” is proficiency in a certain industry, including the understanding of its dynamics, sectors, history, competitors, customers, business model and strategies. In order to become an expert, or to build expertise, deep domain knowledge is necessary. However, simply because someone possesses domain knowledge does not mean they are, in fact, an expert. One of the key initiatives of organizational learning is to move away from domain knowledge into domain expertise.

For many years, and still in many cases, Lifelong Learning has served as a pivotal aspiration for learners of all ages: the “ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons.” While it’s a wholesome and positive learning goal, Lifelong Learning leaves little room for the Craftsman Mindset of developing expertise into passion. Lifelong Learning assumes the passion was there all along. It suggests that honing one’s pre-established domain will keep them relevant in the workplace.

But, as we’ve learned above, the experts are the most utilized members of the workforce.

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