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Cal Newport’s Craftsman Mindset and Expertise

Cal Newport’s Craftsman Mindset and Expertise

The Craftsman Mindset: “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”

Cal Newport’s controversial-yet-illuminating book, “So Good They Can’t Ignore You,” debunks the popular belief that following one’s passion is the surest way to succeed. He breaks down what’s called the ‘Craftsman Mindset,” a chain of career development progression that unfolds as follows: (1) career capital is developed through deep work and deliberate practice; (2) employees use this career capital to acquire valuable and deserving traits, such as autonomy, control, and mission; and (3) as an outgrowth of this progression, employees become passionate about the company mission, finding ways to expand it in new and intentional ways.

The Craftsman Mindset asserts that just about anyone can become passionate about their profession, as long as their own personal development is tied to overarching outcomes and day-to-day goals. When coupled with the concept of building expertise, The Craftsman Mindset is a crucial tool for understanding what drives individual learners in the organization. If passion can be created through learning, then the development of expertise is the most direct way for both employees and businesses to experience growth.

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