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TCP Learning | Building Expertise Through Deliberate Practice and Reflection
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Building Expertise Through Deliberate Practice and Reflection

Building Expertise Through Deliberate Practice and Reflection

Through deliberate practice and reflection, expertise development takes concepts like motivation, attitude and trepidation and encourages employees to factor their own perspective and experience into learning. They ruminate on how the learning applies to their professional growth, and apply its takeaways to enhance individual performance and their work within the organization. This process requires learning skills for the workplace, not relying on academic learning skills.

Self reflection and assessment (usually in the form of a quiz or survey) provide a powerful collection of data that can be captured to form a spectrum of learning analytics, illuminating any gaps in the overall process and shining light on areas that need further refinement. This clearer, brighter picture of organizational learning prepares employees of all levels to apply their expertise in the most effective and rewarding ways.

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