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While deep in conversations with clients, I often find our discussion turns to the value of online or asynchronous learning to their learners. My response is always the same -- the instructor-led or facilitated sessions are content linear, although layered with the personality of the presenter,...

[caption id="attachment_352" align="alignnone" width="200"]TCP Learning and Video TCP Learning and Video[/caption] I am always amazed when we have a change in technology how our industry starts to shift towards that new approach as the only way to deliver learning. Social learning was last month. Mobile learning the month before and now Video is the flavor of the month. Don't get me wrong video can be a great learning tool but it has to be designed with the learner in mind -- not necessarily scripted -- but designed. And with an upfront apology to the professional video production companies, I don't think you always get it right. Yes, your camera, lighting and audio quality is phenomenal...but...long segments, lots of talking heads, even when you add "B" roll (B roll is video footage that is added while the "expert" or interviewee is speaking. It is used to add interest and maintain the viewer's attention) may not have any or minimal learning impact.