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TCP Learning | What is the difference between Expert and Expertise?
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What is the difference between Expert and Expertise?

What is the difference between Expert and Expertise?

Experts and Expertise

We’ve all heard the term “expert” used to emphasize a person or entity’s command of a given subject or situation. An expert opinion. An expert consultant. An expert witness. “Expert” refers to a person who possesses an unmatched proficiency in a certain area. “Expertise” relates to the specific skill or knowledge that person has. It might be in writing, coding, history, science, medicine or a myriad of other niches that set the expert apart as the person who knows the most— and can report the most lessons learned— about that topic.

And if expertise is a skill, it can clearly be developed. Strategically honed expertise enhances the mastery of the expert, eventually radiating outward to every level of the organization or endeavor they support.

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