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TCP Learning | Top 5 Benefits of Podcasting as a Learning Solution
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Top 5 Benefits of Podcasting as a Learning Solution

Top 5 Benefits of Podcasting as a Learning Solution


There’s no disputing the advantages of podcasting as a means to package and disseminate engaging content to a large and receptive audience. Somewhere between an e-book, a talk show and a radio program lies a communication medium hell bent on disrupting the mass media game. Its merits are certainly plentiful, but when it comes to podcasting’s value as a vessel for learning, TCP sees its Top 5 Benefits as follows: ‘

1. Podcasts are Convenient for the Learner

According to Salesforce, the most popular place for a 2017 Podcast Listener to take in a podcast is at home, followed by in a car, walking, and at work. This means that potential learners have the ability to absorb information when and where it is convenient for them. Unlike reading a book or engaging in an online learning class, a learner can listen to a podcast just about anywhere. That’s a pretty expedient way to learn.

2. Podcasts Cut Costs

Compared to the cost of designing and deploying blended, online, or video versions of instructional content, podcasts are relatively cost-efficient to produce. At bare minimum, a cheap-but-quality microphone and a podcast hosting account like SoundCloud or Libsyn will still get you a well-produced podcast that runs you around $22 for equipment and anywhere from $0 to $15 a month for the hosting account. That’s less than $40 up front and even cheaper in the future. Considering the number of learners you can reach with podcasting, the return on investment is substantial.

3. Podcasts Tell a Story

Podcast Listeners are easier to engage because we’re given the opportunity to tell them a story. There’s a plot, a narrator, various characters, segues and cuts of music and audio that weave rich content in different forms. It offers an introduction, a plotline and a conclusion that leaves the learner with a takeaway.

4. Podcasts Create a Connection

Podcasts offer an opportunity to showcase something – an expert opinion, a problem to be solved, a story to be told, an interview to conduct. It’s a chance to connect with the listener in a way that is different from reading a textbook or watching a subject matter expert on video. The learner can get lost in the content. Read more about TCP’s thoughts on Podcasts that CONNECThere.

5. Podcasts Increase Your Reach

Podcast listening is on the rise for both genders. And, according to a study conducted by SalesForce, Monthly Podcast Listeners are educated: 30% have some grad school or an advanced degree, compared to 22% of the general population. 27% have a four-year college degree, compared to 19% of the general population. If you get in front of this demographic, podcasts increase the odds of creating learning experiences for people who are no stranger to the art of Lifelong Learning.

TCP’s Learning Design Solutions Studio is fully equipped to produce high-quality, cost-effective podcasts for clients who are ready to experience the many benefits that podcasting brings to the desk. We design solutions for the needs of learners, educators, marketers, and anyone with a message to be delivered, or a story that needs to be told.

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