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TCP Learning | Learning Myths: June is debunk “learning styles” myth
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Learning Myths: June is debunk “learning styles” myth

Learning Myths: June is debunk “learning styles” myth

I’m often surprised when I hear learning professionals speak about different learning strategies as though they were the absolute “gospel’ truth. There are several that I have questioned over the years, as although not completely false, only applicable in some situations.  Over the last several months, I was pleased to join Will Thalheimer@ “Debunk Learning Myths Club”.

I am following one of his recommended tasks — to blog about this month’s myth: “learning styles”. I’d also suggest for any readers of this blog to first Mr.Thalheimer’s blog. Then I’d recommend a book: Urban Myths about Learning and Education, Debruyckere, Pedro; Kirschner, Paul A.; Hulshof, Casper D. Copyright 2015 Elsevier, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

I am looking forward to any comments!

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