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TCP: an Authentic Business

TCP: an Authentic Business

Authenticity. I was reading a NY Times op-ed piece about Pope Francis, his self-deprecating approach and his joy. The author talked about the fact that the Pope is so full of joy. But my reaction yes that is so true but more importantly he is authentic as the leader of his business — the Roman Catholic Church.

Which started me to think about our business. And I thought to myself we do not want to be any different from Pope Francis. We want to be an authentic company. Hey yeah sometimes we screw up — so we acknowledge and try to do better the next time. Often we do great things and we should promote what we do very well. But we also need to share — not just for profit — but sometimes just to help another colleague or business grow along with ours. Sometimes, it is just going that extra mile because we all want to feel that joy of a job well done!

And you will like working with us because you know what we are. And when we make a commitment to you we keep it. Do we provide good service? Yes!  Do we have a good time doing it? Yes! But not at the expense of a balanced life — with joy and authenticity. Over the next few weeks, I am going to talk about some of the things that we do very well, mistakes that we’ve made and learned from and other interesting tidbits.
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