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Continuous Learning and Performance Improvement

Continuous Learning and Performance Improvement

Jane Hart is one of my favorite bloggers and learning experts. In her recent post, she speaks to a topic that certainly had me jumping off my seat — its title “Workplace Learning is not the same as Education“. I suggest that you read it. While I would probably point out to her that even traditional education as it is presently delivered should not be  “packaged courses, programmes or events”, those of us who have spent years in adult learning know that we long ago we adopted a model that has never really been successful. And I suspect that while I disagree slightly with her on a possible social only approach, I would agree that it is one component of moving learning from episodic events that take people away from their work without any satisfactory results to an environment of continuous learning that truly improves someone’s performance in an authentic manner. This means improving the individual’s skills so that they contribute to the success of their workplace as well as their personal and professional growth.

More to come on this one of my favorite subjects….


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