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More About Just-in-time Resourcing

More About Just-in-time Resourcing

Today in a meeting with a business colleague, I was reviewing our Just-In-Time Resourcing services. We started discussing how companies traditionally hire instructional designers or learning technologists — generally as employees or contractors and often through a staffing agency. And he asked, “how do the staffing agencies select candidates?”. My response, “well, the larger agencies  will either search a database for key words for the skills or business experience that their client needs”. I added that smaller agencies may know their candidates better and can make better recommendations but they often are not learning experts. His response: “So, they all seem to be order takers”. I stopped to think for a minute and agreed. Then he asked, “how is your Just-In-Time Resourcing different?”

There are two important factors. The first is that we get to know our clients, their business needs and their audience. And the second, the client only pays for the resource when they need it with a team or an individual who can jump right in and help out with little or no ramp up time.

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